Kettering Health | Strive | Fall 2022

Kettering Health is committed to providing the best care to our community. AT OUR BEST NEWSWEEK HONORS TOP MATERNITY HOSPITALS Newsweek has recognized both Kettering Health Main Campus and Soin Medical Center as Best Maternity Hospitals in 2022. “This award reinforces our commitment to provide safe, high-quality maternity care to expectant mothers and their babies,” says Miriam Cartmell, system executive director of Kettering Health Women’s and Children’s Services. The Newsweek award is a continuation of these two medical centers’ recognitions for excellent maternity care. Most recently, both were ranked as high-performing medical centers in maternity care for 2021–22 by U.S. News & World Report. FIRST TO OFFER NEW PET/CT FOR BREAST CANCER PATIENTS Kettering Health is proud to be the first in our region to offer Cerianna PET/CT for breast cancer patients. This new technology gives physicians another tool to diagnose breast cancer more easily and find the most effective treatment options. Cerianna is a substance called a radiotracer. Radiotracers are used during PET scans to highlight certain parts of or processes in the body. Cerianna specifically binds to estrogen receptor positive (ER+) growths, which may occur in some types of breast cancer or breast cancer that has spread. This new technology helps doctors find ER+ breast cancer lesions more easily. Our specialists have already performed their first scan using Cerianna. With the Cerianna technology, we identified an ER+ lesion in a patient who otherwise would have needed an invasive biopsy. Cerianna is just another example of our expansion in PET/CT capabilities. We recently added a new PET/CT digital extended-length scanner, which provides more accurate images with shorter scan times and less radiation exposure. This scanner is the first of its kind in the Dayton region and is already being used to research Alzheimer’s disease and brain tumors, with upcoming research for breast cancer. 22