Kettering Health | Strive | Fall 2022

8 Tony Alexander feels the thud of a kick drum shake his chest. Amplified guitar riffs follow, echoing throughout Paul Brown Stadium (now Paycor Stadium). On the field below, the sound check concludes before Friday night of the Cincinnati Music Festival. Stadium staff anticipate 34,000 people. Tony adjusts the volume on his radio. Behind him, concertgoers gather outside Gate C. The gate, tonight’s main entrance, is a few steps away from the Plaza, the largest of Kettering Health’s five first-aid stations in the stadium. He looks the way one might expect Kettering Health’s director of Emergency Management and Outreach to look: a walking mission-control center who communicates through a radio and has an earpiece connected to his cellphone to cover all the bases alongside face-to-face conversations. He turns to four nurses, two of whom are wearing ambulance-red and neon-yellow backpacks filled with 20 pounds of medical gear. “Take care of yourselves,” he reminds them in a fatherly tone. “It’s hot.” Snapping into action Today’s temperature hovers at 95 degrees, nearly 110 on the field. Add the weighted blanket of humidity, and the stadium is equal parts concert venue and sauna. Patient story Emergency Outreach CARE Stadium-sized Event medicine ramps up while the heat is on Tony Alexander directs two of the roaming teams as concertgoers arrive.